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Zeni Pepper

Zeni embraced yoga back in the 90s when she was still a teenager, and since then her love and commitment to the practice has only grown. Now an experienced yoga teacher, Zeni views yoga as a gateway to living a more vibrant and luminous life. Yoga to her is about feeling connected and being in your element, whether on or off the mat. Yoga, she says, is like a paintbrush to an artist – allowing the everyday person to transform his or her own life into a masterpiece. Our individual experiences provide the paint. How gracefully we flow through life is much about our ability to view our experiences through the eyes of the Seer; just like an artist, to step back and take in a broader perspective and then zoom in on the details. Through our understanding and living of the principles of yoga, we can bring a level of artistry to everything that we do.

Zeni’s teaching style and practice are infused with her passion for art, music and nature. In addition to her regular classes, she teaches stand-up paddleboard yoga, leads yoga hikes and, her favorite self-expression medium, Glowga Flow (a glow-in-the-dark body paint yoga flow). It combines art, music and yoga literally and figuratively, allowing each and every person to be both an artist with a paint brush, and an artist through the movement of their body, flowing through asanas following the rhythm of their soul.